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The One Book that Can Set the Financial Trajectory of Your Brand and Business!

Many entrepreneurs want to write a bestselling book, but they don’t know where to start. 

Have you been struggling to write the one book that’s going to transform lives and magnify your brand?

Are you going around in circles looking for the right words to make it a bestseller? 

I’ve been right where you are.

July 4 of 2017. At the time, I was making $45/hr. I was forced to use what was in my hands after every corporate door was closed shut. I had written books for myself and for others, but the truth is I didn’t feel like my writing was good enough (which I’m sure you’ve felt at some point as well). I’d helped others become bestselling authors, but I couldn’t get myself on the list (any list for that matter)! 

It took a friend to remind me that my purpose wasn’t tied to a job, a position or a company. I realized I wasn’t just here to work a job. I was placed in the earth to solve problems. I realized then that not only did I solve a problem through content. But others around me could very well solve a problem through content, whether it’s through books and public speaking, blogs or online webinars. Content is still king. And when you solve a problem for people over and over again, there’s no limit to the doors that will open for you!

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Here's what some of my past clients are saying...

“Without Tenita, this project would’ve stayed inside of me for only God knows how much longer!”

“When I was afraid and unsure, Tenita spoke into me and coached me through it to the other side. When I was stuck, Tenita literally wrote my words for me as I spoke my journey. She unraveled the trail of thoughts in a way that only she could have! In just a few months, I’m shining brightly in my brand as a singles’ coach and new bestselling author! Without Tenita, this book project would’ve stayed inside me for only God knows how much longer!”

Se’Fana Samples
Author, Successfully Single

“Within minutes of talking to her, I knew she was the one!”

“Professional, timely, and she keeps her word. She’s also a woman of God, which made for a rich and positive experience. Within minutes of talking to her, I knew she was the one. I’m currently working on my third book and I will definitely hire her again because she’s the best of the best!

Dr. Tanya Martin
Author, Doing Life Afraid

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About Tenita "Bestseller" Johnson

Authors worldwide write better thanks to editorial guru, book coach and authorpreneur, Tenita C. Johnson. Perfecting manuscripts for hundreds of best-selling authors, she’s on a mission to end the prominent everyday abuse of the English language and rectify punctuation pet peeves. As the founder and CEO of So It Is Written, Tenita collaborates with industry professionals to take manuscripts to the marketplace, positioning authors for success in the literary world. Well known by many as a human spell check, noun nerd and grammar police, she proudly wears the badge of honor to correct and serve.

Dubbed the editor’s editor, Tenita empowers aspiring authors to write from the editor’s point of view, saving them time and money in the publishing process. She positions writers as experts in their respective industry, helping them to develop multiple streams of income from just one book. Committed to helping coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs write the one book that will expand their reach in the marketplace, Tenita has authored over 15 books and has helped hundreds get past the finish line of publishing their bestseller in excellence!

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